Monsoon diseases

Dr. K P Vasudeva Rao
2 min readAug 9, 2020

Monsoon Diseases-Are you prepared for it?

Monsoon is in full swing as of today and with it, as usual, it brings joy as well as problems. Joy- because it has cooled down the atmosphere and problems- because along with it comes the seasonal illnesses.

Our nation as such is in the throes of COVID19 infection with improvement in some parts of the country and worsening in some parts. To add to it, we are now getting sporadic cases of Dengue, Malaria, and Leptospirosis, and many cases of the common cold.

Nowadays, most of the patients visiting my Clinic with fever or minor cold or sore throat are concerned about having COVID 19. Most of us know by now how to prevent COVID19 infection-wearing masks, hand sanitization, avoiding touching railings, etc., etc.

But how many of you know about how Malaria, Dengue, or leptospirosis can be prevented?

Malaria and dengue are transmitted through the bites of mosquitoes and leptospirosis is transmitted through contaminated water accumulated on the roads, potholes, and the like. The leptospira bacteria are present in these puddles of water having been shed by animals like rats, dogs, or cattle through their urine.

All three of these diseases have one thing in common-fever. But other signs and symptoms vary. Your doctor may suggest you investigations to rule out each because in the early stage it may be difficult to arrive at a specific diagnosis.

My motto as a practicing physician has always been-Prevention is Better than Cure. Keeping this in mind, I wrote a series of articles on my website about these three bothersome diseases.

I am sharing the links to my articles below. Do read it and be aware of the consequences of these diseases.

I am pretty sure that after going through these blogs, you will become aware of the signs, symptoms as well as investigations required in all three of the above-mentioned illnesses and consequently, be prepared for it.



Dr. K P Vasudeva Rao

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